Saving Canvas in TeX

Example of TTextDump usage

Being able to generate TeX graphics can be useful for several reasons:

ROOT6 and Backward Compatibility

Hi everyone, dear Matt!

Matt Walker has posted an extensive review of ROOT and what he would hope the future of ROOT to be. Because I think many of his comments are good ones, and because I have heard some of them from several people in the past, I decided to give the answer to an audience that's little bit wider, in a dedicated post.

Defining C++14


A new C++ meeting is coming up in a few days. Many, many proposals are on the table; they can be found here and here. Out of those proposals only very few will be discussed at the meeting; likely only those that are about to make it into C++14.

Rainbow ?

The rainbow colormap is not the best choice to represent data using pseudo colors. This article is a study (using "Higgs data") showing why the rainbow colormap can be misleading and what could be better alternatives.

On the way to ROOT 6


We are running late with ROOT 6, in part because I'm just back at work after being sick for 4 weeks. The other cling team members were hacking away at Fermilab, and I'll demonstrate how major that step to version 6 is for ROOT.



Two weeks ago I participated at the ISO C++ standard meeting. It was my and CERN's first one and a pleasant surprise. A few news items:

Cling integrated in our CI tool

It's been a while since the last activity on our blog. However, it doesn't mean that we are not spending every minute to work on improving the ROOT Framework.

Google, cling and python


A delegation of the ROOT team (Fons, Vassil and I) have been invited by Google Zurich to give a Tech Talk on cling. We had a great night in Zurich. Great nights always have consequences on the next day - but as "talk quality" and "nightlife fun" are in different dimensions there is no obvious measure for optimizing these two; everyone will have his or her own favorite combination of both. Mine meant Aspirin the next morning.

Christmas Tree


I wish you a relaxing break - be it Christmas, Hanukah, family or presents. All the best for next year: start off with a good party, go on with successful physics and a happy private life! And where applicable, please continue to use ROOT in 2012 ;-)

As a little ROOTy Christmas gift, enjoy this old but still fantastic xkcd episode (read this for explanations):

Do we need yet another custom C++ interpreter?


"A ROOT User" asks "Is it really necessary to replace CINT dictionary with cling?", bringing up very reasonable concerns and arguments against re-implementing CINT. I will try to answer his comments to clarify why we do it, and how it connects with the rest.

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