Former ROOT Developers

The following people have been working on ROOT for some time in their career and ROOT would not be what it is without their contributions:

Maarten Ballintijn

Maarten's initial dab into ROOT was porting it to Linux in 1995. Later he worked on the PROOF system, bringing into production for the RHIC experiments in Brookhaven.

Nenad Buncic

Nenad was one of the first people joining the initial ROOT team in 1996. He developed the first version of the HTML documentation system (THtml) and worked on the first version of the 3D graphics system. Nenad left in 1997.

Masaharu Goto

Masa is the father of CINT. Without the indefatigable support by Masa we would never have succeeded with the tight integration of CINT in ROOT. Masa is now managing a large division in Agilent and cannot spend as much time on CINT as he would like.

Valeri Fine

Valeri was a member of the ROOT team from 1998-2000. He made the initial port to Windows. Currently he is the maintainer of the ROOT-Qt interface.

Susan Panacek

Susan wrote the first ROOT User's Guide and developed a number of ROOT tutorials.

Valeri Onuchin

Valeri worked as a project associate on many different aspects of ROOT, but mostly in the GUI and graphics area. He did develop the signal/slot functionality and the GUI builder. He also developed the Carrot ROOT enabled web server.

Ilka Antcheva

Ilka has been working from 2002 to 2008 in the ROOT team. She was responsible for the GUI system and designed many high level user interfaces and widgets, like found in many modern graphics applications: ROOT graphics editor (GED) and various object editors, Fit Panel, Style manager, a tool for automatic C++ code generation of any widget and the capability for widgets to save themselves. In addition Ilka took care of the ROOT Users Guide and contributed the chapter ‘Writing a Graphical User Interface’. 

Eddy Offermann

Eddy joined the ROOT team during a sabbatical to work on making the ROOT matrix package the fastest and most versatile in the industry.

Marek Biskup

Marek worked as technical student on various aspects of PROOF, notably integrating the TChain::Draw() command into PROOF.

Richard Maunder

Richard worked as project associate on the 3D graphics OpenGL based system.

Leandro Franco

Leo worked a Marie-Curie fellow in the ROOT team from 2005-2008. He worked on a number of widely different topics, from parallel sockets, I/O read-ahead, CINT dictionary, etc.

Diego Marcos Segura

Diego worked as technical student on CINT dictionary optimizations.

Anna Kreshuk

Anna was a project associate and contributed to different parts of ROOT, most notably to the fitting machinery, the interface to FFTW, numerous math-related functions, TEntryList container and PROOF GUI.

Jan Iwaszkiewicz

Jan was working in the context of a Ph.D. on scheduling and load-balancing of distributed processing in the Parallel ROOT Facility (PROOF).

David Gonzalez Maline

David has been working on improving the performance and correctness of various mathematical algorithms as well as on integrating AI methods for data analysis inside the framework. He has also worked on extending and improving the FitPanel interface.