ROOT Development Team

The ROOT development team consists of the following people:

Fons Rademakers

Fons Rademakers Fons received his Ph.D. in particle physics from the Univ. of Amsterdam in 1991 for his work on event displays and data analysis for the DELPHI experiment at LEP. Since then he has worked at CERN and been involved in designing and developing data analysis programs. In 1991 he joined the PAW team of Rene Brun where he developed a.o. the column wise-ntuples, the PAW GUI and the PIAF system. In 1995 he started with Rene Brun the ROOT project and has been involved in all aspects of the system since then. In 2001 Fons joined the ALICE collaboration and has worked as software architect on the initial version of AliRoot. In recent years his special attention has gone to high performance parallel computing using PROOF. Fons took over from Rene Brun as ROOT project leader in 2011.

Philippe Canal

Philippe Canal is working at the FNAL Computing Division since 1995. Philippe graduated from Ecole Centrale Paris and has a Master in Computer Science. Philippe is responsible for the development of the I/O sub-system and the Tree query mechanism. He is of great help for many problems and questions related to CINT or the I/O sub system in general for which he has developed a powerful test suite. Philippe coordinates the support for ROOT for all FNAL experiments. Philippe Canal

Bertrand Bellenot

Bertrand Bellenot Bertrand was primary working in Aluminum industry as process engineer, developing software for data acquisition, data analysis, statistical process control (SPC) and for X-Ray spectrometry. He has been involved in ROOT development since 2001 by porting ROOT to Windows. Bertrand is a member of the ROOT development team at CERN since August 2005. He's currently working on GUI (Graphical User Interface), core (mainly Windows support), and support of PROOF (Parallel Root Facility) on Windows.

Olivier Couet

Olivier Couet received a Physic's Master from the Strasbourg University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the "Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg" (ENSPS) on work in computer graphics and image processing in 1985. He then performed his Ph.D work (in Computer Graphics) at the "Laboratoire D'Annecy le Vieux de Physique des Particules" (LAPP) on the PAW project. He has been employed by CERN since 1988. He was one of the main authors of the PAW system, more precisely its graphical components (HIGZ and HPLOT). HIGZ has been the standard graphics package in High Energy Physics for years and is still being used. He was responsible for the PAW system from 1995 until he joined the ROOT team in 2002 and took responsibility of the graphics work package. Olivier's picture

Axel Naumann

Axel Naumann Starting off as a physicist, Axel studied physics and math in Muenster, Germany. In 2000, he got a Ph.D. position for high energy physics in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. They sent him to Fermilab at Chicago, where he worked with the D0 experiment - which also meant writing software from PCI drivers to data analysis code. During that time he got involved with ROOT, slowly converting from a user to a developer. He contributed to whatever he needed, e.g. the statistics part, the documentation engine, and porting it to cygwin. After a position with the Fermilab Computing Division in 2005 he ended up at CERN in the ROOT development team. He is now responsible for the reflection system, the interpreter CINT, and the documentation system.

Gerardo Ganis

Gerri Ganis is an experimental high-energy physicist. He graduated in Physics at the University of Trieste, Italy, in 1988. He worked for many years in the ALEPH experiment at LEP in particular in the fields of offline data analysis and software development. In 2002, he joined the CERN PH-SFT group and the ROOT development team. He is currently the main developer and architect of the PROOF system. He is also responsible for the security infrastructure of the ROOT and XROOTD/SCALLA systems. Gerri's picture

Danilo Piparo


Danilo is an experimental HEP physicist. As a member of the      CMS collaboration, he graduated in 2007 but already during his studies he worked for the CERN IT department. He obtained his PhD at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2010 to then immediately join CERN as responsible of many software operations of the CMS experiment. The high performance and parallel software expert of the SFT group, he joined the ROOT team in 2013. His main responsibility is the I/O subsystem but he is actively involved in the development and support of reflection and mathematical libraries.

Lorenzo Moneta

Lorenzo started working in 1989 as an experimental physicist for the ALEPH experiment working for data analysis and software event reconstruction. He graduated in Pisa in 1990 and he received his Ph.D. in particle physics in 1994 at the University of Florence. Afterwards, since 1997, he was working for data analysis of the CDF experiments and online software for the ATLAS experiment. In 2002 he joined the physics application software group of CERN, and since 2005 he joined the ROOT team with the responsibility of the Math work package, which provides development and support for the ROOT mathematical and statistical libraries.  Lorenzo Moneta

Vasil Vasilev

Vasil Vasilev Vasil obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science in September 2009 from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Plovdiv “Paisii Hilendarski”. A year later he got a Master's Degree in Software Technologies at the same institution. Vasil had the excellent opportunity to be a teaching assistant at his faculty, and to teach a number of courses – Computer Graphics and Presentations, Object-Oriented Programming, and Methods of Translation. For the time being, his research interests lie in the general area of programming language design and implementation and software optimization. Vasil is currently working on Cling - an interactive C++ interpreter, using the LLVM and Clang infrastructure. In particular he is responsible for the implementation of the CINT-specific C++ language extensions in Cling.

Andrei Gheata

Andrei works since 2001 in the offline group of the ALICE experiment. He is an experimental nuclear physicist who worked before ALICE on data analysis for heavy-ion experiments in emulsions. In 2000 he started collaborating with the ROOT project and implemented the TreeViewer interface. Andrei is currently the main developer of the ROOT geometry package. He integrated the geometry in the Virtual Monte Carlo framework by developing interfaces for the GEANT3, GEANT4 and FLUKA particle transport engines. Andrei Gheata

Paul Russo

Paul Russo Paul joined the ROOT team at Fermilab in 2005 and has been focusing on support and developing CINT.

Matevž Tadel

Matevž picture Matevž Tadel is the main developer of 3D graphics and event-visualization packages. He holds a Ph.D. in experimental high-energy physics, obtained in 2001 for his work on electron reconstruction in the ATLAS experiment. Before joining the ROOT team in 2005, he worked on Gled - an advanced ROOT-based system for distributed computing and dynamic visualization.