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class ROOT::Math::QuasiRandom<ROOT::Math::GSLQRngSobol>

   User class for MathMore random numbers template on the Engine type.
   The API of this class followed that of the class ROOT::Math::Random
   It must be implemented using as Engine one of the derived classes of
   ROOT::Math::GSLQuasiRandomEngine, like ROOT::Math::GSLQrngSobol

   @ingroup Random

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Function documentation

bool Next(double* x)
      Generate next quasi random numbers points

double Next()
      Generate next quasi random numbers point (1 - dimension)

double Rndm()
       Generate quasi random numbers between ]0,1[
       0 and 1 are excluded
       Function to be compatible with  ROOT TRandom compatibility

bool Skip(unsigned int n)
      skip the next n number and jumb directly to the current state + n

bool RndmArray(int n, double* array)
       Generate an array of random numbers between ]0,1[
       Function to preserve ROOT Trandom compatibility
       The array will be filled as   x1,y1,z1,....x2,y2,z2,...

std::string Type() const
      Return the type (name) of the used generator

return fEngine. Name()
unsigned int EngineSize() const
      Return the size of the generator state

unsigned int NDim() const
      Return the dimension of the generator