// @(#)root/mathcore:$Id$
// Author: L. Moneta Fri Aug 15 2008

 *                                                                    *
 * Copyright (c) 2008  LCG ROOT Math Team, CERN/PH-SFT                *
 *                                                                    *
 *                                                                    *

#ifndef ROOT_Math_MinimizerOptions
#define ROOT_Math_MinimizerOptions

#include <string>

#include <iostream>

namespace ROOT {

namespace Math {

class IOptions;

    Minimizer options

    @ingroup MultiMin
class MinimizerOptions {


   // static methods for setting and retrieving the default options

   static void SetDefaultMinimizer(const char * type, const char * algo = 0);
   static void SetDefaultErrorDef( double up);
   static void SetDefaultTolerance(double tol);
   static void SetDefaultPrecision(double prec);
   static void SetDefaultMaxFunctionCalls(int maxcall);
   static void SetDefaultMaxIterations(int maxiter);
   static void SetDefaultStrategy(int strat);
   static void SetDefaultPrintLevel(int level);
   static void SetDefaultExtraOptions(const IOptions * extraoptions);

   static const std::string & DefaultMinimizerType();
   static const std::string & DefaultMinimizerAlgo();
   static double DefaultErrorDef();
   static double DefaultTolerance();
   static double DefaultPrecision();
   static int DefaultMaxFunctionCalls();
   static int DefaultMaxIterations();
   static int DefaultStrategy();
   static int DefaultPrintLevel();
   static IOptions * DefaultExtraOptions();

   /// retrieve extra options - if not existing create a IOptions
   static ROOT::Math::IOptions & Default(const char * name);

   // find extra options - return 0 if not existing
   static ROOT::Math::IOptions * FindDefault(const char * name);

   /// print all the default options for the name given
   static void PrintDefault(const char * name, std::ostream & os = std::cout);


   // constructor using the default options

   // destructor

   // copy constructor
   MinimizerOptions(const MinimizerOptions & opt);

   /// assignment operators
   MinimizerOptions & operator=(const MinimizerOptions & opt);

   /** non-static methods for retrieving options */

   /// set print level
   int PrintLevel() const { return fLevel; }

   ///  max number of function calls
   unsigned int MaxFunctionCalls() const { return fMaxCalls; }

   /// max iterations
   unsigned int MaxIterations() const { return fMaxIter; }

   /// strategy
   int Strategy() const { return fStrategy; }

   /// absolute tolerance
   double Tolerance() const { return  fTolerance; }

   /// precision in the objective funciton calculation (value <=0 means left to default)
   double Precision() const { return  fPrecision; }

   /// error definition
   double ErrorDef() const { return  fErrorDef; }

   /// return extra options (NULL pointer if they are not present)
   const IOptions * ExtraOptions() const { return fExtraOptions; }

   /// type of minimizer
   const std::string & MinimizerType() const { return fMinimType; }

   /// type of algorithm
   const std::string & MinimizerAlgorithm() const { return fAlgoType; }

   /// print all the options
   void Print(std::ostream & os = std::cout) const;

   /** non-static methods for setting options */
   void ResetToDefaultOptions();

   /// set print level
   void SetPrintLevel(int level) { fLevel = level; }

   ///set maximum of function calls
   void SetMaxFunctionCalls(unsigned int maxfcn) { fMaxCalls = maxfcn; }

   /// set maximum iterations (one iteration can have many function calls)
   void SetMaxIterations(unsigned int maxiter) { fMaxIter = maxiter; }

   /// set the tolerance
   void SetTolerance(double tol) { fTolerance = tol; }

   /// set the precision
   void SetPrecision(double prec) { fPrecision = prec; }

   /// set the strategy
   void SetStrategy(int stra) { fStrategy = stra; }

   /// set error def
   void SetErrorDef(double err) { fErrorDef = err; }

   /// set minimizer type
   void SetMinimizerType(const char * type) { fMinimType = type; }

   /// set minimizer algorithm
   void SetMinimizerAlgorithm(const char *type) { fAlgoType = type; }

   /// set extra options (in this case pointer is cloned)
   void SetExtraOptions(const IOptions & opt);


   int fLevel;               // debug print level
   int fMaxCalls;            // maximum number of function calls
   int fMaxIter;             // maximum number of iterations
   int fStrategy;            // minimizer strategy (used by Minuit)
   double fErrorDef;         // error definition (=1. for getting 1 sigma error for chi2 fits)
   double fTolerance;        // minimize tolerance to reach solution
   double fPrecision;        // precision of the objective function evaluation (value <=0 means left to default)
   std::string fMinimType;   // Minimizer type (Minuit, Minuit2, etc..
   std::string fAlgoType;    // Minimizer algorithmic specification (Migrad, Minimize, ...)

   // extra options
   ROOT::Math::IOptions *   fExtraOptions;  // extra options


   } // end namespace Math

} // end namespace ROOT