// @(#)root/mathmore:$Id$
// Author: L. Moneta, A. Zsenei   08/2005

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// Header file for class GSLRandom
// Created by: moneta  at Sun Nov 21 16:26:03 2004
// Last update: Sun Nov 21 16:26:03 2004
#ifndef ROOT_Math_QuasiRandom
#define ROOT_Math_QuasiRandom

#include <string>

   @defgroup QuasiRandom QuasiRandom number generators and distributions

namespace ROOT {
namespace Math {

   User class for MathMore random numbers template on the Engine type.
   The API of this class followed that of the class ROOT::Math::Random
   It must be implemented using as Engine one of the derived classes of
   ROOT::Math::GSLQuasiRandomEngine, like ROOT::Math::GSLQrngSobol

   @ingroup Random

template < class Engine>
class QuasiRandom {


      Create a QuasiRandom generator. Use default engine constructor.
      Engine will  be initialized via Initialize() function in order to
      allocate resources
   QuasiRandom(unsigned int dimension = 1) {

      Create a QuasiRandom generator based on a provided generic engine.
      Engine will  be initialized via Initialize() function in order to
      allocate resources
   explicit QuasiRandom(const Engine & e, unsigned int dimension = 1) : fEngine(e) {

      Destructor: call Terminate() function of engine to free any
      allocated resource
   ~QuasiRandom() {

      Generate next quasi random numbers points
   bool Next(double * x) {
      return fEngine(x);

      Generate next quasi random numbers point (1 - dimension)
   double Next() {
      return fEngine();

       Generate quasi random numbers between ]0,1[
       0 and 1 are excluded
       Function to be compatible with  ROOT TRandom compatibility
   double Rndm() {
      return fEngine();

      skip the next n number and jumb directly to the current state + n
   bool Skip(unsigned int n) {
      return fEngine.Skip(n);
       Generate an array of random numbers between ]0,1[
       Function to preserve ROOT Trandom compatibility
       The array will be filled as   x1,y1,z1,....x2,y2,z2,...
   bool RndmArray(int n, double * array) {
      return fEngine.GenerateArray(array, array+n*NDim());

      Return the type (name) of the used generator
   std::string Type() const {
      return fEngine.Name();

      Return the size of the generator state
   unsigned int EngineSize() const {
      return fEngine.Size();

      Return the dimension of the generator
   unsigned int NDim() const {
      return fEngine.NDim();

      Return the name of the generator
   std::string Name() const {
      return fEngine.Name();


   Engine fEngine;


} // namespace Math
} // namespace ROOT

#ifndef ROOT_Math_GSLQuasiRandom
#include "Math/GSLQuasiRandom.h"

namespace ROOT {
namespace Math {

typedef QuasiRandom<ROOT::Math::GSLQRngSobol> QuasiRandomSobol;
typedef QuasiRandom<ROOT::Math::GSLQRngNiederreiter2> QuasiRandomNiederreiter;

} // namespace Math
} // namespace ROOT

#endif /* ROOT_Math_QuasiRandom */