// @(#)root/gui:$Id$
// Author: Fons Rademakers   19/01/98

 * Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Rene Brun and Fons Rademakers.               *
 * All rights reserved.                                                  *
 *                                                                       *
 * For the licensing terms see $ROOTSYS/LICENSE.                         *
 * For the list of contributors see $ROOTSYS/README/CREDITS.             *

#ifndef ROOT_TGFSContainer
#define ROOT_TGFSContainer

//                                                                      //
// TGFileIcon, TGFileEntry, TGFSContainer                               //
//                                                                      //
// Utility classes used by the file selection dialog (TGFileDialog).    //
//                                                                      //

#ifndef ROOT_TGListView
#include "TGListView.h"
#ifndef ROOT_TDNDManager
#include "TGDNDManager.h"
#ifndef ROOT_TBufferFile
#include "TBufferFile.h"
#include <stdlib.h>

//----- file sort mode
enum EFSSortMode {

class TRegexp;
class TGPicture;
class TGFileContainer;
class TViewUpdateTimer;
class TGFileIcon;
class TGFileItem;
class TTimer;
class TString;
struct FileStat_t;

class TGFileItem : public TGLVEntry {

   const TGPicture  *fBlpic;        // big icon
   const TGPicture  *fSlpic;        // small icon
   const TGPicture  *fLcurrent;     // current icon
   Int_t             fType;         // file type
   Int_t             fUid, fGid;    // file uid and gid
   Bool_t            fIsLink;       // true if symbolic link
   Long_t            fModTime;      // modification time
   Long64_t          fSize;         // file size
   TBufferFile      *fBuf;          // buffer used for Drag and Drop
   TDNDData          fDNDData;      // Drag and Drop data

   void         Init(const TGPicture *blpic, const TGPicture *slpic,
                     FileStat_t &stat, EListViewMode viewMode);
   virtual void DoRedraw();

   TGFileItem(const TGWindow *p = 0,
              const TGPicture *bpic = 0, const TGPicture *blpic = 0,
              const TGPicture *spic = 0, const TGPicture *slpic = 0,
              TGString *name = 0, Int_t type = 0, Long64_t size = 1,
              Int_t uid = 0, Int_t gid = 0, Long_t modtime = 0,
              EListViewMode viewMode = kLVList, UInt_t options = kVerticalFrame,
              Pixel_t back = GetWhitePixel());

   TGFileItem(const TGWindow *p,
              const TGPicture *bpic, const TGPicture *blpic,
              const TGPicture *spic, const TGPicture *slpic,
              TGString *name, FileStat_t &stat,
              EListViewMode viewMode = kLVList, UInt_t options = kVerticalFrame,
              Pixel_t back = GetWhitePixel());

   virtual ~TGFileItem();

   virtual void SetViewMode(EListViewMode viewMode);

   Bool_t   IsActive() const { return fActive; }
   Bool_t   IsSymLink() const { return fIsLink; }
   Int_t    GetType() const { return fType; }
   Long64_t GetSize() const { return fSize; }
   Long_t   GetModTime() const { return fModTime; }
   Int_t    GetUid() const { return fUid; }
   Int_t    GetGid() const { return fGid; }

   virtual TDNDData *GetDNDdata(Atom_t) {
      return &fDNDData;

   virtual Atom_t HandleDNDEnter(Atom_t *) {
      if (!IsDNDTarget()) return kNone;
      return gVirtualX->InternAtom("application/root", kFALSE);

   virtual Bool_t HandleDNDLeave() {
      return kTRUE;

   virtual Atom_t HandleDNDPosition(int, int, Atom_t action, int, int) {
      if (action == TGDNDManager::GetDNDActionCopy()) return action;
      return kNone;

   virtual Bool_t HandleDNDFinished() {
      return ((TGFrame *)(const_cast<TGWindow*>(GetParent())))->HandleDNDFinished();

   void SetDNDData(TDNDData *data) {
      if (fDNDData.fDataLength > 0)
      fDNDData.fData = calloc(sizeof(unsigned char), data->fDataLength);
      if (fDNDData.fData)
         memcpy(fDNDData.fData, data->fData, data->fDataLength);
      fDNDData.fDataLength = data->fDataLength;
      fDNDData.fDataType = data->fDataType;

   void SetDNDObject(TObject *obj) {
      if (fDNDData.fDataLength)
      fDNDData.fData = fBuf->Buffer();
      fDNDData.fDataLength = fBuf->Length();
      fDNDData.fDataType = gVirtualX->InternAtom("application/root", kFALSE);

   ClassDef(TGFileItem,0)   // Class representing file system object

class TGFileContainer : public TGLVContainer {

friend class TGFSFrameElement;

   EFSSortMode       fSortType;       // sorting mode of contents
   TRegexp          *fFilter;         // file filter
   TViewUpdateTimer *fRefresh;        // refresh timer
   ULong_t           fMtime;          // directory modification time
   TString           fDirectory;      // current directory
   TList            *fCleanups;       // list of pictures to cleanup
   const TGPicture  *fFolder_t;       // small folder icon
   const TGPicture  *fFolder_s;       // big folder icon
   const TGPicture  *fApp_t;          // small application icon
   const TGPicture  *fApp_s;          // big application icon
   const TGPicture  *fDoc_t;          // small document icon
   const TGPicture  *fDoc_s;          // big document icon
   const TGPicture  *fSlink_t;        // small symbolic link icon
   const TGPicture  *fSlink_s;        // big symbolic link icon
   Bool_t            fCachePictures;  // kTRUE use caching
   Bool_t            fDisplayStat;    // kFALSE to interrupt display directory
                                      // contents in case of many files inside

   void CreateFileList();

   TGFileContainer(const TGWindow *p = 0, UInt_t w = 1, UInt_t h = 1,
                   UInt_t options = kSunkenFrame,
                   Pixel_t back = GetDefaultFrameBackground());
   TGFileContainer(TGCanvas *p, UInt_t options = kSunkenFrame,
                   Pixel_t back = GetDefaultFrameBackground());

   virtual ~TGFileContainer();

   virtual Bool_t HandleTimer(TTimer *t);
   void StopRefreshTimer();
   void StartRefreshTimer(ULong_t msec=1000);

   virtual TGFileItem *AddFile(const char *name, const TGPicture *pic = 0, const TGPicture *lpic = 0);
   virtual TGFileItem *AddRemoteFile(TObject *obj, const TGPicture *ipic = 0, const TGPicture *ilpic = 0);
   virtual void AddFrame(TGFrame *f, TGLayoutHints *l = 0);
   virtual void Sort(EFSSortMode sortType);
   virtual void SetFilter(const char *filter);
   virtual void ChangeDirectory(const char *path);
   virtual void DisplayDirectory();
   virtual void SetDisplayStat(Bool_t stat = kTRUE) { fDisplayStat = stat; }
   Bool_t       GetDisplayStat() { return fDisplayStat; }

   const char *GetDirectory() const { return fDirectory.Data(); }

   virtual void GetFilePictures(const TGPicture **pic, const TGPicture **lpic,
                                Int_t file_type, Bool_t is_link, const char *ext,
                                Bool_t small);

   virtual void SavePrimitive(std::ostream &out, Option_t *option = "");

   ClassDef(TGFileContainer,0)  // Container containing file system objects