From: Jens Racky [ET] (racky@rhrk.uni-kl.de)
Date: Fri Feb 28 1997 - 18:55:45 MET


I've got some questions concerning the visualization facilities of ROOT
(Linux2 version with Motif2.0).
First, if a canvas was overlapped by another window or popup, I have
to click on it or enter a newline in the command window to have it
repaint itself. How can I make it repainting automatically ?

Second (and much more important),: How can I use the 2D histogram
class to display arrays (i.e. gray scale images)? I tried this using
the Fill() function, but this is VERY slow. Any way to acess the
memory area holding the histogram data directly, or is there a way
to visualize "arrays" directly?
Can the lookup table be changed easily (i.e. to apply different colormaps like a
spread of gray values, pseudo color, etc.)?
Is there a possibility to transparently layer (superimpose)graphical
 areas (i.e. by marking a color as translucent)?

Thanx in advance


Jens Racky

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