The C++ standard

History shows that designing language extensions is a nontrivial exercise, especially with a complex language like C++. The trail of the C++ standardization effort is littered with innocuous-looking extensions that proved to be extremely difficult to define in a rigorous fashion. Trying to define and implement nonstandard features can be very difficult and time consuming, so if you are on a project team trying to ship a product in a short time, avoid nonstandard extensions. Taligent C++ code doesn't assume anything more than what is defined by the current ISO/ANSI C++ draft standard.

NOTE A runtime can be extended because it's implemented by a runtime library, not by the compiler. For example, the capabilities of Taligent's runtime that Taligent's C++ code depends on (such as dynamic class loading) can be emulated by the runtimes of most C++ systems.

At Taligent, use of language constructs or implementation dependencies beyond those specified by the ISO/ANSI C++ draft standard must be approved by the architecture team. No such additions have been approved for the Taligent Application Environment beyond dynamic class loading.

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