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Code Owners

ROOT consists of several loosely coupled but consistently designed parts. The "code owners" of these parts are experts that review pull requests and guide these packages over a couple of years.

An up-to-date, detailed mapping of code versus owners can be found at The long-term, coarse list can be found below:

Module Code Owner
I/O Philippe Canal (Fermilab)
 •  Compression Oksana Shadura (Nebraska-Lincoln)
Math, Statistics, Machine Learning Lorenzo Moneta (CERN)
 •  RooFit Wouter Verkerke (NIKHEF), Stephan Hageboeck (CERN)
Graphics Olivier Couet (CERN)
RDataFrame Danilo Piparo (CERN), Enrico Guiraud (CERN)
Web-GUI, http Server Sergey Linev (GSI), Bertrand Bellenot (CERN)
Event Display Matevz Tadel (UCSD), Alja Mrak-Tadel (UCSD)
PyROOT Enric Tejedor (CERN)
cling Axel Naumann (CERN)
Build System Oksana Shadura (Nebraska-Lincoln)
C++ Modules Vassil Vassilev (Princeton), Oksana Shadura (Nebraska-Lincoln)
Documentation Olivier Couet (CERN)