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BatchModeHelpers.h File Reference
#include <RooGlobalFunc.h>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
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namespace  RooFit
 The namespace RooFit contains mostly switches that change the behaviour of functions of PDFs (or other types of arguments).
namespace  RooFit::BatchModeHelpers
namespace  ROOT
 This file contains a specialised ROOT message handler to test for diagnostic in unit tests.
namespace  ROOT::Experimental


std::unique_ptr< RooAbsRealRooFit::BatchModeHelpers::createNLL (RooAbsPdf &pdf, RooAbsData &data, std::unique_ptr< RooAbsReal > &&constraints, std::string const &rangeName, std::string const &addCoefRangeName, RooArgSet const &projDeps, bool isExtended, double integrateOverBinsPrecision, RooFit::BatchModeOption batchMode, bool doOffset)
void RooFit::BatchModeHelpers::logArchitectureInfo (RooFit::BatchModeOption batchMode)
std::unique_ptr< RooAbsRealRooFit::BatchModeHelpers::makeDriverAbsRealWrapper (std::unique_ptr< ROOT::Experimental::RooFitDriver > driver, RooArgSet const &observables)
 Static method to create a RooAbsRealWrapper that owns a given RooFitDriver passed by smart pointer. More...