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EvaluateFuncs.h File Reference
#include <TMath.h>
#include <Math/PdfFuncMathCore.h>
#include <cmath>
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namespace  RooFit
 The namespace RooFit contains mostly switches that change the behaviour of functions of PDFs (or other types of arguments).
namespace  RooFit::Detail
namespace  RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs


double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::bernsteinEvaluate (double x, double xmin, double xmax, double *coefs, int nCoefs)
 The caller needs to make sure that there is at least one coefficient.
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::bifurGaussEvaluate (double x, double mean, double sigmaL, double sigmaR)
double RooFit::Detail::binomial (int n, int k)
 Calculates the binomial coefficient n over k.
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::cbShapeEvaluate (double m, double m0, double sigma, double alpha, double n)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::chebychevEvaluate (double *coeffs, unsigned int nCoeffs, double x_in, double xMin, double xMax)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::constraintSumEvaluate (double const *comp, unsigned int compSize)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::efficiencyEvaluate (double effFuncVal, int catIndex, int sigCatIndex)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::effProdEvaluate (double eff, double pdf)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::flexibleInterp (unsigned int code, double low, double high, double boundary, double nominal, double paramVal, double res)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::flexibleInterpEvaluate (unsigned int code, double *params, unsigned int n, double *low, double *high, double boundary, double nominal)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::gaussianEvaluate (double x, double mean, double sigma)
 Function to evaluate an un-normalized RooGaussian.
unsigned int RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::getUniformBinning (double low, double high, double val, unsigned int numBins)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::interpolate6thDegree (double x, double low, double high, double nominal, double boundary)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::interpolate6thDegreeExp (double x, double low, double high, double nominal, double boundary)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::landauEvaluate (double x, double mu, double sigma)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::logNormalEvaluate (double x, double k, double m0)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::logNormalEvaluateStandard (double x, double sigma, double mu)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::nllEvaluate (double pdf, double weight, int binnedL, int doBinOffset)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::piecewiseInterpolationEvaluate (unsigned int code, double *low, double *high, double nominal, double *params, unsigned int n)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::poissonEvaluate (double x, double par)
template<bool pdfMode = false>
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::polynomialEvaluate (double const *coeffs, int nCoeffs, int lowestOrder, double x)
 In pdfMode, a coefficient for the constant term of 1.0 is implied if lowestOrder > 0.
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::ratioEvaluate (double numerator, double denominator)
double RooFit::Detail::EvaluateFuncs::recursiveFractionEvaluate (double *a, unsigned int n)