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ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor Class Reference

A helper class for piece-wise construction of an RFieldDescriptor.

Dangling field descriptors describe a single field in isolation. They are missing the necessary relationship information (parent field, any child fields) required to describe a real NTuple field.

Dangling field descriptors can only become actual descriptors when added to an RNTupleDescriptorBuilder instance and then linked to other fields.

Definition at line 632 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 RDanglingFieldDescriptor ()=default
 Make an empty dangling field descriptor. More...
 RDanglingFieldDescriptor (const RFieldDescriptor &fieldDesc)
 Make a new RDanglingFieldDescriptor based off an existing descriptor. More...
RDanglingFieldDescriptorFieldDescription (const std::string &fieldDescription)
RDanglingFieldDescriptorFieldId (DescriptorId_t fieldId)
RDanglingFieldDescriptorFieldName (const std::string &fieldName)
RDanglingFieldDescriptorFieldVersion (const RNTupleVersion &fieldVersion)
RResult< RFieldDescriptorMakeDescriptor () const
 Attempt to make a field descriptor. More...
RDanglingFieldDescriptorNRepetitions (std::uint64_t nRepetitions)
RDanglingFieldDescriptorStructure (const ENTupleStructure &structure)
RDanglingFieldDescriptorTypeName (const std::string &typeName)
RDanglingFieldDescriptorTypeVersion (const RNTupleVersion &typeVersion)

Static Public Member Functions

static RDanglingFieldDescriptor FromField (const Detail::RFieldBase &field)
 Make a new RDanglingFieldDescriptor based off a live NTuple field. More...

Private Attributes

RFieldDescriptor fField = RFieldDescriptor()

#include <ROOT/RNTupleDescriptor.hxx>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RDanglingFieldDescriptor() [1/2]

ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::RDanglingFieldDescriptor ( )

Make an empty dangling field descriptor.

◆ RDanglingFieldDescriptor() [2/2]

ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::RDanglingFieldDescriptor ( const RFieldDescriptor fieldDesc)

Make a new RDanglingFieldDescriptor based off an existing descriptor.

Relationship information is lost during the conversion to a dangling descriptor:

  • Parent id is reset to an invalid id.
  • Field children ids are forgotten.

These properties must be set using RNTupleDescriptorBuilder::AddFieldLink().

Definition at line 915 of file RNTupleDescriptor.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ FieldDescription()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::FieldDescription ( const std::string &  fieldDescription)

Definition at line 666 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ FieldId()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::FieldId ( DescriptorId_t  fieldId)

Definition at line 650 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ FieldName()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::FieldName ( const std::string &  fieldName)

Definition at line 662 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ FieldVersion()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::FieldVersion ( const RNTupleVersion fieldVersion)

Definition at line 654 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ FromField()

ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::FromField ( const Detail::RFieldBase field)

Make a new RDanglingFieldDescriptor based off a live NTuple field.

Definition at line 923 of file RNTupleDescriptor.cxx.

◆ MakeDescriptor()

ROOT::Experimental::RResult< ROOT::Experimental::RFieldDescriptor > ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::MakeDescriptor ( ) const

Attempt to make a field descriptor.

This may fail if the dangling field was not given enough information to make a proper descriptor.

Definition at line 936 of file RNTupleDescriptor.cxx.

◆ NRepetitions()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::NRepetitions ( std::uint64_t  nRepetitions)

Definition at line 674 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ Structure()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::Structure ( const ENTupleStructure structure)

Definition at line 678 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ TypeName()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::TypeName ( const std::string &  typeName)

Definition at line 670 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

◆ TypeVersion()

RDanglingFieldDescriptor & ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::TypeVersion ( const RNTupleVersion typeVersion)

Definition at line 658 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fField

RFieldDescriptor ROOT::Experimental::RDanglingFieldDescriptor::fField = RFieldDescriptor()

Definition at line 634 of file RNTupleDescriptor.hxx.

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