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Rgl::TTwoArgsGuard< Func, Arg1, Arg2 > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Rgl::TTwoArgsGuard< Func, Arg1, Arg2 >, including all inherited members.

fArg1Rgl::TTwoArgsGuard< Func, Arg1, Arg2 >private
fArg2Rgl::TTwoArgsGuard< Func, Arg1, Arg2 >private
fFuncRgl::TTwoArgsGuard< Func, Arg1, Arg2 >private
IsActive() constRgl::TGuardBaseinlineprotected
operator=(const TGuardBase &rhs)Rgl::TGuardBaseprivate
Stop() constRgl::TGuardBaseinline
TGuardBase(const TGuardBase &rhs)Rgl::TGuardBaseinlineprotected
TTwoArgsGuard(Func f, Arg1 a1, Arg2 a2)Rgl::TTwoArgsGuard< Func, Arg1, Arg2 >inline
~TTwoArgsGuard()Rgl::TTwoArgsGuard< Func, Arg1, Arg2 >inline