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TProfileHelper Member List

This is the complete list of members for TProfileHelper, including all inherited members.

Add(T *p, const TH1 *h1, const TH1 *h2, Double_t c1, Double_t c2=1)TProfileHelperstatic
BuildArray(T *p)TProfileHelperstatic
ExtendAxis(T *p, Double_t x, TAxis *axis)TProfileHelperstatic
GetBinEffectiveEntries(T *p, Int_t bin)TProfileHelperstatic
GetBinError(T *p, Int_t bin)TProfileHelperstatic
LabelsDeflate(T *p, Option_t *)TProfileHelperstatic
LabelsInflate(T *p, Option_t *)TProfileHelperstatic
Merge(T *p, TCollection *list)TProfileHelperstatic
Scale(T *p, Double_t c1, Option_t *option)TProfileHelperstatic
SetBinEntries(T *p, Int_t bin, Double_t w)TProfileHelperstatic
SetErrorOption(T *p, Option_t *opt)TProfileHelperstatic
Sumw2(T *p, Bool_t flag)TProfileHelperstatic