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TXSockBuf Class Reference

Definition at line 240 of file TXSocket.h.

Public Member Functions

 TXSockBuf (Char_t *bp=0, Int_t sz=0, Bool_t own=1)
 ~TXSockBuf ()
void Resize (Int_t sz)
 resize socket buffer

Static Public Member Functions

static Long64_t BuffMem ()
 Return the currently allocated memory.
static Long64_t GetMemMax ()
 Return the max allocated memory allowed.
static void SetMemMax (Long64_t memmax)
 Return the max allocated memory allowed.

Public Attributes

Int_t fCid
Int_t fLen
Bool_t fOwn
Int_t fSiz

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

static Long64_t fgBuffMem = 0
static Long64_t fgMemMax = 10485760

#include <TXSocket.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TXSockBuf()

TXSockBuf::TXSockBuf ( Char_t bp = 0,
Int_t  sz = 0,
Bool_t  own = 1 


Definition at line 2187 of file TXSocket.cxx.

◆ ~TXSockBuf()

TXSockBuf::~TXSockBuf ( )


Definition at line 2199 of file TXSocket.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuffMem()

Long64_t TXSockBuf::BuffMem ( )

Return the currently allocated memory.

Definition at line 2230 of file TXSocket.cxx.

◆ GetMemMax()

Long64_t TXSockBuf::GetMemMax ( )

Return the max allocated memory allowed.

Definition at line 2238 of file TXSocket.cxx.

◆ Resize()

void TXSockBuf::Resize ( Int_t  sz)

resize socket buffer

Definition at line 2210 of file TXSocket.cxx.

◆ SetMemMax()

void TXSockBuf::SetMemMax ( Long64_t  memmax)

Return the max allocated memory allowed.

Definition at line 2246 of file TXSocket.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fBuf

Char_t* TXSockBuf::fBuf

Definition at line 244 of file TXSocket.h.

◆ fCid

Int_t TXSockBuf::fCid

Definition at line 246 of file TXSocket.h.

◆ fgBuffMem

Long64_t TXSockBuf::fgBuffMem = 0

Definition at line 259 of file TXSocket.h.

◆ fgMemMax

Long64_t TXSockBuf::fgMemMax = 10485760

Definition at line 260 of file TXSocket.h.

◆ fLen

Int_t TXSockBuf::fLen

Definition at line 243 of file TXSocket.h.

◆ fMem

Char_t* TXSockBuf::fMem

Definition at line 258 of file TXSocket.h.

◆ fOwn

Bool_t TXSockBuf::fOwn

Definition at line 245 of file TXSocket.h.

◆ fSiz

Int_t TXSockBuf::fSiz

Definition at line 242 of file TXSocket.h.

  • proof/proofx/inc/TXSocket.h
  • proof/proofx/src/TXSocket.cxx