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XrdProofSessionInfo Class Reference

Definition at line 78 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

Public Member Functions

 XrdProofSessionInfo (const char *file)
 XrdProofSessionInfo (XrdProofdClient *c, XrdProofdProofServ *s)
 Construct from 'c' and 's'. More...
void FillProofServ (XrdProofdProofServ &s, XrdROOTMgr *rmgr)
 Fill 's' fields using the stored info. More...
int ReadFromFile (const char *file)
 Read content from 'file'. More...
void Reset ()
 Reset the content. More...
int SaveToFile (const char *file)
 Save content to 'file'. More...

Public Attributes

XrdOucString fAdminPath
XrdOucString fAlias
XrdOucString fGroup
int fID
time_t fLastAccess
XrdOucString fLogFile
XrdOucString fOrdinal
int fPid
int fPLiteNWrks
XrdOucString fROOTTag
int fSrvProtVers
int fSrvType
int fStatus
XrdOucString fTag
XrdOucString fUnixPath
XrdOucString fUser
XrdOucString fUserEnvs

#include <XrdProofdProofServMgr.h>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XrdProofSessionInfo() [1/2]

XrdProofSessionInfo::XrdProofSessionInfo ( XrdProofdClient c,
XrdProofdProofServ s 

Construct from 'c' and 's'.

Definition at line 4760 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.cxx.

◆ XrdProofSessionInfo() [2/2]

XrdProofSessionInfo::XrdProofSessionInfo ( const char *  file)

Definition at line 99 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ FillProofServ()

void XrdProofSessionInfo::FillProofServ ( XrdProofdProofServ s,
XrdROOTMgr rmgr 

Fill 's' fields using the stored info.

Definition at line 4788 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.cxx.

◆ ReadFromFile()

int XrdProofSessionInfo::ReadFromFile ( const char *  file)

Read content from 'file'.

Definition at line 4888 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.cxx.

◆ Reset()

void XrdProofSessionInfo::Reset ( void  )

Reset the content.

Definition at line 4864 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.cxx.

◆ SaveToFile()

int XrdProofSessionInfo::SaveToFile ( const char *  file)

Save content to 'file'.

Definition at line 4822 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAdminPath

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fAdminPath

Definition at line 95 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fAlias

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fAlias

Definition at line 90 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fGroup

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fGroup

Definition at line 87 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fID

int XrdProofSessionInfo::fID

Definition at line 82 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fLastAccess

time_t XrdProofSessionInfo::fLastAccess

Definition at line 80 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fLogFile

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fLogFile

Definition at line 91 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fOrdinal

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fOrdinal

Definition at line 92 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fPid

int XrdProofSessionInfo::fPid

Definition at line 81 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fPLiteNWrks

int XrdProofSessionInfo::fPLiteNWrks

Definition at line 84 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fROOTTag

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fROOTTag

Definition at line 94 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fSrvProtVers

int XrdProofSessionInfo::fSrvProtVers

Definition at line 96 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fSrvType

int XrdProofSessionInfo::fSrvType

Definition at line 83 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fStatus

int XrdProofSessionInfo::fStatus

Definition at line 85 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fTag

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fTag

Definition at line 89 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fUnixPath

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fUnixPath

Definition at line 88 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fUser

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fUser

Definition at line 86 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

◆ fUserEnvs

XrdOucString XrdProofSessionInfo::fUserEnvs

Definition at line 93 of file XrdProofdProofServMgr.h.

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