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file  alice_esd.C [code]
 Complex example showing ALICE ESD track visualization.
file  alice_esd_html_summary.C [code]
 Html table and event summary for alice_esd.C.
file  alice_esd_split.C [code]
 Complex example showing ALICE ESD visualization in several views.
file  alice_vsd.C [code]
 Complex example showing ALICE VSD visualization.
file  annotation.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of TGLAnnotation class.
file  arrow.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of TEveArrow class.
file  arrow_standalone.C [code]
 How to use EVE without the standard window.
file  assembly.C [code]
 Geometry detector assembly example.
file  box.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of TEveBox class.
file  boxset.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of TEveBoxSet class.
file  boxset_cones.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of 'cone' mode in TEveBoxSet class.
file  calo_detail.C [code]
 Calorimeter detailed view by using TEveCaloDataVec as data-source.
file  calorimeters.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of EVE calorimetry classes.
file  camera_restore.C [code]
file  compound.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of EVE compound objects - class TEveCompound.
file  csgdemo.C [code]
 Combinatorial Solid Geometry example.
file  geom_alias.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of geometry aliases - merge ALICE ITS with ATLAS MUON.
file  geom_alice_its.C [code]
 Shows geometry of ALICE ITS.
file  geom_alice_tpc.C [code]
 Shows geometry of ALICE TPC.
file  geom_atlas.C [code]
 Shows ATLAS geometry.
file  geom_atlas_playback.C [code]
 Plays back event-recording of a root session running geom_atlas.C tutorial.
file  geom_cms.C [code]
 Shows CMS geometry.
file  geom_cms_playback.C [code]
 Plays back event-recording of a root session running geom_cms.C tutorial.
file  geom_cms_stereo.C [code]
 Shows CMS geometry in stereo mode.
file  geom_default.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of "Default" geometry alias.
file  geom_lhcb.C [code]
 Shows LHCB geometry.
file  glplot.C [code]
 Preliminary demo for showing Timur's GL plots in EVE.
file  glplot_geom.C [code]
 Demonstrates how to combine Timur's GL plots with other scene elements.
file  hierarchical_scene.C [code]
file  histobrowser.C [code]
 Demonstates how to use EVE as a histogram browser.
file  jetcone.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of TEveJetCone class.
file  lineset.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of class TEveStraightLineSet.
file  lineset.py [code]
file  MultiView.C [code]
 Multi-view (3d, rphi, rhoz) service class using EVE Window Manager.
file  overlay_palette.C [code]
file  pack.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of class TGPack.
file  paramlist.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of simple configuration via TEveParamList class.
file  pointset.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of class TEvePointSet.
file  projection.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of automatic 2D projections - class TEveProjectionManager.
file  projection_prescale.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage pre-scaling for automatic 2D projections.
file  pythia_display.C [code]
 Demo showing H -> ZZ -> 4 mu generated by Pythia.
file  quadset.C [code]
 Demonstates usage of 2D digit class TEveQuadSet.
file  selection_sigs.C [code]
 Test signals from TEveSelection class.
file  show_extract.C [code]
 Helper script for showing of extracted / simplified geometries.
file  SplitGLView.C [code]
 Helper classes for the alice_esd_split.C demo.
file  text.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of class TEveText - 2D & 3D text in GL.
file  track.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of TEveTrackPRopagator with different magnetic field configurations.
file  triangleset.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of class TEveTriangleSet.
file  view3ds.C [code]
 Loading and display of basic 3DS models.
file  window_manager.C [code]
 Demonstrates usage of EVE window-manager.