ROOT Version ?.?? Release Notes



ROOT version 6.??/00 is scheduled for release in ???.

For more information, see:

The following people have contributed to this new version:

Bertrand Bellenot, CERN/SFT,
Rene Brun, CERN/SFT,
Philippe Canal, FNAL,
Olivier Couet, CERN/SFT,
Gerri Ganis, CERN/SFT,
Andrei Gheata, CERN/SFT,
Sergey Linev, GSI,
Pere Mato, CERN/SFT,
Lorenzo Moneta, CERN/SFT,
Axel Naumann, CERN/SFT,
Danilo Piparo, CERN/SFT,
Fons Rademakers, CERN/SFT,
Enric Tejedor Saavedra, CERN/SFT,
Matevz Tadel, UCSD/CMS,
Vassil Vassilev, Princeton/CMS,
Wouter Verkerke, NIKHEF/Atlas,
Jan Musinsky, SAS Kosice

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