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ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation Struct Reference

Describes a read/write operation on multiple objects; see the ReadV/WriteV functions.

Definition at line 181 of file RDaos.hxx.

Public Member Functions

 RWOperation ()=default
 RWOperation (daos_obj_id_t o, DistributionKey_t d, const std::vector< AttributeKey_t > &as, const std::vector< d_iov_t > &vs)
 RWOperation (ROidDkeyPair &k)
void insert (AttributeKey_t attr, const d_iov_t &vec)

Public Attributes

std::vector< AttributeKey_tfAttributeKeys {}
DistributionKey_t fDistributionKey {}
std::vector< d_iov_tfIovs {}
daos_obj_id_t fOid {}

#include <ROOT/RDaos.hxx>

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RWOperation() [1/3]

ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::RWOperation ( )

◆ RWOperation() [2/3]

ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::RWOperation ( daos_obj_id_t  o,
DistributionKey_t  d,
const std::vector< AttributeKey_t > &  as,
const std::vector< d_iov_t > &  vs 

Definition at line 183 of file RDaos.hxx.

◆ RWOperation() [3/3]

ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::RWOperation ( ROidDkeyPair k)

Definition at line 186 of file RDaos.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ insert()

void ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::insert ( AttributeKey_t  attr,
const d_iov_t vec 

Definition at line 192 of file RDaos.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fAttributeKeys

std::vector<AttributeKey_t> ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::fAttributeKeys {}

Definition at line 189 of file RDaos.hxx.

◆ fDistributionKey

DistributionKey_t ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::fDistributionKey {}

Definition at line 188 of file RDaos.hxx.

◆ fIovs

std::vector<d_iov_t> ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::fIovs {}

Definition at line 190 of file RDaos.hxx.

◆ fOid

daos_obj_id_t ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RDaosContainer::RWOperation::fOid {}

Definition at line 187 of file RDaos.hxx.

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