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ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSourceFile::RClusterInfo Struct Reference

Summarizes cluster-level information that are necessary to populate a certain page.

Used by PopulatePageFromCluster().

Definition at line 122 of file RPageStorageFile.hxx.

Public Attributes

DescriptorId_t fClusterId = 0
std::uint64_t fColumnOffset = 0
 The first element number of the page's column in the given cluster. More...
RClusterDescriptor::RPageRange::RPageInfoExtended fPageInfo
 Location of the page on disk. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ fClusterId

DescriptorId_t ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSourceFile::RClusterInfo::fClusterId = 0

Definition at line 123 of file RPageStorageFile.hxx.

◆ fColumnOffset

std::uint64_t ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSourceFile::RClusterInfo::fColumnOffset = 0

The first element number of the page's column in the given cluster.

Definition at line 127 of file RPageStorageFile.hxx.

◆ fPageInfo

RClusterDescriptor::RPageRange::RPageInfoExtended ROOT::Experimental::Detail::RPageSourceFile::RClusterInfo::fPageInfo

Location of the page on disk.

Definition at line 125 of file RPageStorageFile.hxx.

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