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ROOT::Fit::ObjFuncTrait< ROOT::Math::FitMethodGradFunction > Struct Reference

Definition at line 821 of file Fitter.cxx.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsGrad ()
static unsigned int NCalls (const ROOT::Math::FitMethodGradFunction &f)
static int Type (const ROOT::Math::FitMethodGradFunction &f)

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsGrad()

static bool ROOT::Fit::ObjFuncTrait< ROOT::Math::FitMethodGradFunction >::IsGrad ( )

Definition at line 824 of file Fitter.cxx.

◆ NCalls()

static unsigned int ROOT::Fit::ObjFuncTrait< ROOT::Math::FitMethodGradFunction >::NCalls ( const ROOT::Math::FitMethodGradFunction f)

Definition at line 822 of file Fitter.cxx.

◆ Type()

Definition at line 823 of file Fitter.cxx.

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