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Event display tutorials

Examples showing the "Event display classes" usage..


file  alice_esd.C
 Complex example showing ALICE ESD track visualization.
file  alice_esd_html_summary.C
 Html table and event summary for alice_esd.C.
file  alice_esd_split.C
 Complex example showing ALICE ESD visualization in several views.
file  alice_vsd.C
 Complex example showing ALICE VSD visualization.
file  annotation.C
 Demonstrates usage of TGLAnnotation class.
file  arrow.C
 Demonstrates usage of TEveArrow class.
file  arrow_standalone.C
 How to use EVE without the standard window.
file  assembly.C
 Geometry detector assembly example.
file  box.C
 Demonstrates usage of TEveBox class.
file  boxset.C
 Demonstrates usage of TEveBoxSet class.
file  boxset_cones.C
 Demonstrates usage of 'cone' mode in TEveBoxSet class.
file  calo_detail.C
 Calorimeter detailed view by using TEveCaloDataVec as data-source.
file  calorimeters.C
 Demonstrates usage of EVE calorimetry classes.
file  camera_restore.C
file  compound.C
 Demonstrates usage of EVE compound objects - class TEveCompound.
file  csgdemo.C
 Combinatorial Solid Geometry example.
file  geom_alias.C
 Demonstates usage of geometry aliases - merge ALICE ITS with ATLAS MUON.
file  geom_alice_its.C
 Shows geometry of ALICE ITS.
file  geom_alice_tpc.C
 Shows geometry of ALICE TPC.
file  geom_atlas.C
 Shows ATLAS geometry.
file  geom_atlas_playback.C
 Plays back event-recording of a root session running geom_atlas.C tutorial.
file  geom_cms.C
 Shows CMS geometry.
file  geom_cms_playback.C
 Plays back event-recording of a root session running geom_cms.C tutorial.
file  geom_cms_stereo.C
 Shows CMS geometry in stereo mode.
file  geom_default.C
 Demonstrates usage of "Default" geometry alias.
file  geom_lhcb.C
 Shows CMS geometry.
file  glplot.C
 Preliminary demo for showing Timur's GL plots in EVE.
file  glplot_geom.C
 Demonstrates how to combine Timur's GL plots with other scene elements.
file  hierarchical_scene.C
file  histobrowser.C
 Demonstates how to use EVE as a histogram browser.
file  jetcone.C
 Demonstrates usage of TEveJetCone class.
file  lineset.C
 Demonstrates usage of class TEveStraightLineSet.
file  MultiView.C
 Multi-view (3d, rphi, rhoz) service class using EVE Window Manager.
file  overlay_palette.C
file  pack.C
 Demonstrates usage of class TGPack.
file  paramlist.C
 Demonstrates usage of simple configuration via TEveParamList class.
file  pointset.C
 Demonstrates usage of class TEvePointSet.
file  projection.C
 Demonstates usage of automatic 2D projections - class TEveProjectionManager.
file  projection_prescale.C
 Demonstates usage pre-scaling for automatic 2D projections.
file  pythia_display.C
 Demo showing H -> ZZ -> 4 mu generated by Pythia.
file  quadset.C
 Demonstates usage of 2D digit class TEveQuadSet.
file  selection_sigs.C
 Test signals from TEveSelection class.
file  show_extract.C
 Helper script for showing of extracted / simplified geometries.
file  SplitGLView.C
 Helper classes for the alice_esd_split.C demo.
file  text.C
 Demonstrates usage of class TEveText - 2D & 3D text in GL.
file  track.C
 Demonstrates usage of TEveTrackPRopagator with different magnetic field configurations.
file  triangleset.C
 Demonstrates usage of class TEveTriangleSet.
file  view3ds.C
 Loading and display of basic 3DS models.
file  window_manager.C
 Demonstrates usage of EVE window-manager.