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Main Classes used for fitting a given data set.


 namespace defining utility free functions using in Fit for evaluating the various fit method functions (chi2, likelihood, etc..) given the data and the model function


class  ROOT::Fit::FitConfig
 Class describing the configuration of the fit, options and parameter settings using the ROOT::Fit::ParameterSettings class. More...
class  ROOT::Fit::FitResult
 class containg the result of the fit and all the related information (fitted parameter values, error, covariance matrix and minimizer result information) Contains a pointer also to the fitted (model) function, modified with the fit parameter values. More...
class  ROOT::Fit::Fitter
 Fitter class, entry point for performing all type of fits. More...
class  ROOT::Fit::ParameterSettings
 Class, describing value, limits and step size of the parameters Provides functionality also to set/retrieve values, step sizes, limits and fix the parameters. More...