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MPCode.h File Reference
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 This namespace prevents conflicts between MPCode::kError and ELogLevel::kError.


enum  MPCode::EMPCode : unsigned {
  MPCode::kExecFunc = 0, MPCode::kExecFuncWithArg, MPCode::kFuncResult, MPCode::kIdling = 100,
  MPCode::kSendResult, MPCode::kProcFile = 200, MPCode::kProcRange, MPCode::kProcTree,
  MPCode::kProcSelector, MPCode::kProcResult, MPCode::kProcEnded, MPCode::kProcError,
  MPCode::kMessage = 1000, MPCode::kError, MPCode::kFatalError, MPCode::kShutdownOrder,
  MPCode::kShutdownNotice, MPCode::kRecvError
 An enumeration of the message codes handled by TProcessExecutor, TTreeProcessorMP, TMPWorker, TMPWorkerTree and by the low level classes TMPClient and TMPWorker. More...