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RDFNodes.hxx File Reference
#include "TError.h"
#include "ROOT/RIntegerSequence.hxx"
#include "ROOT/TypeTraits.hxx"
#include "ROOT/RCutFlowReport.hxx"
#include "ROOT/RDataSource.hxx"
#include "ROOT/RDFNodesUtils.hxx"
#include "ROOT/RDFUtils.hxx"
#include "ROOT/RVec.hxx"
#include "ROOT/TSpinMutex.hxx"
#include "TTreeReaderArray.h"
#include "TTreeReaderValue.h"
#include <map>
#include <numeric>
#include <string>
#include <tuple>
#include <cassert>
#include <climits>
#include <deque>
#include <functional>
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class  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RAction< Helper, PrevDataFrame, ColumnTypes_t >
class  ROOT::Internal::RDF::RActionBase
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RCustomColumn< F, UPDATE_HELPER_TYPE >
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RCustomColumnBase
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RFilter< FilterF, PrevDataFrame >
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RFilterBase
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RJittedFilter
 A wrapper around a concrete RFilter, which forwards all calls to it RJittedFilter is the type of the node returned by jitted Filter calls: the concrete filter can be created and set at a later time, from jitted code. More...
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RLoopManager
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RRange< PrevData >
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RRangeBase
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RLoopManager::TCallback
class  ROOT::Internal::RDF::TColumnValue< T, MustUseRVec >
 Helper class that updates and returns TTree branches as well as RDataFrame temporary columns. More...
class  ROOT::Detail::RDF::RLoopManager::TOneTimeCallback
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::TRDFValueTuple< T >
struct  ROOT::Internal::RDF::TRDFValueTuple< TypeList< BranchTypes... > >
class  ROOT::Internal::RDF::TSlotStack


 Namespace for new ROOT classes and functions.


using ROOT::Detail::RDF::ActionBasePtr_t = std::shared_ptr< RDFInternal::RActionBase >
using ROOT::Detail::RDF::ActionBaseVec_t = std::vector< ActionBasePtr_t >
using ROOT::Detail::RDF::FilterBasePtr_t = std::shared_ptr< RFilterBase >
using ROOT::Detail::RDF::FilterBaseVec_t = std::vector< FilterBasePtr_t >
using ROOT::Detail::RDF::RangeBasePtr_t = std::shared_ptr< RRangeBase >
using ROOT::Detail::RDF::RangeBaseVec_t = std::vector< RangeBasePtr_t >
using ROOT::Detail::RDF::RCustomColumnBasePtr_t = std::shared_ptr< RCustomColumnBase >
template<typename BranchType >
using ROOT::Internal::RDF::RDFValueTuple_t = typename TRDFValueTuple< BranchType >::type


template<typename ValueTuple , std::size_t... S>
void ROOT::Internal::RDF::ResetRDFValueTuple (ValueTuple &values, std::index_sequence< S... >)
 Clear the proxies of a tuple of TColumnValues. More...