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1 #ifndef TMVARegGui__HH
2 #define TMVARegGui__HH
3 #include <iostream>
4 #include <vector>
6 #include "TROOT.h"
7 #include "TControlBar.h"
8 #include "tmvaglob.h"
9 namespace TMVA{
11  TList* RegGuiGetKeyList( const TString& pattern );
13  // utility function
14  void RegGuiActionButton( TControlBar* cbar,
15  const TString& title, const TString& macro, const TString& comment,
16  const TString& buttonType, TString requiredKey = "" );
18  // main GUI
19  void TMVARegGui( const char* fName = "TMVAReg.root", TString dataset="");
20 }
21 #endif
A Control Bar is a fully user configurable tool which provides fast access to frequently used operati...
Definition: TControlBar.h:22
Basic string class.
Definition: TString.h:131
TList * RegGuiGetKeyList(const TString &pattern)
A doubly linked list.
Definition: TList.h:44
Abstract ClassifierFactory template that handles arbitrary types.
void TMVARegGui(const char *fName="TMVAReg.root", TString dataset="")
void RegGuiActionButton(TControlBar *cbar, const TString &title, const TString &macro, const TString &comment, const TString &buttonType, TString requiredKey="")