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SMatrix Package for high performance vector and matrix computations.

Classes representing Matrices and Vectors of arbitrary type and dimension and related functions. For a detailed description and usage examples see:


 Expression Template Classes
 Generic Template Functions
 These functions apply for any type T, such as a scalar, a vector or a matrix.
 Vector Template Functions
 These functions apply to SVector types (and also to Vector expressions) and can return a vector expression or a scalar, like in the Dot product, or a matrix, like in the Tensor product.
 Matrix Template Functions
 These function apply to matrices (and also Matrix expression) and can return a matrix expression of a particular defined type, like in the matrix multiplication or a vector, like in the matrix-vector product or a scalar like in the Similarity vector-matrix product.
 SMatrix Storage Representation
 Matrix and Vector classes
 Classes representing Matrices and Vectors of arbitrary type and dimension.