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MathMore Library

MathMore provides an advanced collection of functions and C++ classes for HEP numerical computing. This is an extension of the functionality provided by the MathCore. The current set includes classes and functions for:

The mathematical functions are implemented as a set of free functions in the namespace ROOT::Math. The naming used for the special functions is the same proposed for the C++ standard (see C++ standard extension proposal document). The MathMore library is implemented wrapping in C++ the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).
To build MathMore you need to have first GSL installed somewhere in your system. A version of GSL larger or equal 1.8 is required. A tar file of GSL can be downloaded from the GSL Web site, or (for version 1.8) from here. Windows binaries, compiled using Visual Studio 7.1 can be downloaded from this location.

MathMore (and its ROOT CINT dictionary) can be built within ROOT whenever a GSL library is found in the system. Optionally the GSL library and header file location can be specified in the ROOT configure script with configure –with-gsl-incdir=... –with-gsl-libdir=... MathMore links with the GSL static libraries. On some platform (like Linux x86-64) GSL needs to be compiled with the option –with-pic. The source code of MathMore is distributed under the GNU General Public License