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ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >, including all inherited members.

Accumulate(Iterator begin, Iterator end, T initialValue=T{})ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inlinestatic
Add(T x)ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
Add(Iterator begin, Iterator end)ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
Add(const Container_t &inputs)ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
AddIndexed(T input, std::size_t index)ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
Carry() constROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
fCarryROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >private
fSumROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >private
KahanSum(T initialValue=T{})ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
operator T() constROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
operator+=(T arg)ROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
Result() constROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline
Sum() constROOT::Math::KahanSum< T, N >inline