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writer.writer Member List

This is the complete list of members for writer.writer, including all inherited members.

__init__(self, fname)writer.writer
addArb8(self, name, v1x, v1y, v2x, v2y, v3x, v3y, v4x, v4y, v5x, v5y, v6x, v6y, v7x, v7y, v8x, v8y, dz)writer.writer
addAssembly(self, volume, daughters)writer.writer
addBox(self, name, dx, dy, dz)writer.writer
addCone(self, name, z, rmin1, rmin2, rmax1, rmax2, sphi, dphi)writer.writer
addCutTube(self, name, rmin, rmax, z, startphi, deltaphi, lowX, lowY, lowZ, highX, highY, highZ)writer.writer
addElement(self, symb, name, z, a)writer.writer
addEltube(self, name, x, y, z)writer.writer
addHype(self, name, rmin, rmax, inst, outst, z)writer.writer
addIntersection(self, name, lname, ltr, lrot, rname, rtr, rrot)writer.writer
addMaterial(self, name, a, z, rho)writer.writer
addMixture(self, name, rho, elems)writer.writer
addPara(self, name, x, y, z, alpha, theta, phi)writer.writer
addParaboloid(self, name, rlo, rhi, dz)writer.writer
addPolycone(self, name, startphi, deltaphi, zplanes)writer.writer
addPolyhedra(self, name, startphi, deltaphi, numsides, zplanes)writer.writer
addPos(self, subels, type, name, v)writer.writer
addPosition(self, name, x, y, z)writer.writer
addReflSolid(self, name, solid, dx, dy, dz, sx, sy, sz, rx, ry, rz)writer.writer
addRot(self, subels, type, name, v)writer.writer
addRotation(self, name, x, y, z)writer.writer
addSetup(self, name, version, world)writer.writer
addSphere(self, name, rmin, rmax, startphi, deltaphi, starttheta, deltatheta)writer.writer
addSubtraction(self, name, lname, ltr, lrot, rname, rtr, rrot)writer.writer
addTorus(self, name, r, rmin, rmax, startphi, deltaphi)writer.writer
addTrap(self, name, z, theta, phi, y1, x1, x2, alpha1, y2, x3, x4, alpha2)writer.writer
addTrd(self, name, x1, x2, y1, y2, z)writer.writer
addTube(self, name, rmin, rmax, z, startphi, deltaphi)writer.writer
addTwistedTrap(self, name, z, theta, phi, y1, x1, x2, alpha1, y2, x3, x4, alpha2, twist)writer.writer
addUnion(self, name, lname, ltr, lrot, rname, rtr, rrot)writer.writer
addVolume(self, volume, solid, material, daughters)writer.writer
addXtrusion(self, name, vertices, sections)writer.writer