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1/// \file
2/// \ingroup tutorial_graphics
3/// \notebook
4/// Example illustrating how to draw TGaxis with labels defined by a function.
6/// \macro_image
7/// \macro_code
9/// \author Olivier Couet
11void gaxis2(){
14 TH2F *h2 = new TH2F("h","Axes",100,0,10,100,-2,2);
15 h2->Draw();
17 TF1 *f1 = new TF1("f1","-x",-10,10);
18 TGaxis *A1 = new TGaxis(0,2,10,2,"f1",510,"-");
19 A1->SetTitle("axis with decreasing values");
20 A1->Draw();
22 TF1 *f2 = new TF1("f2","exp(x)",0,2);
23 TGaxis *A2 = new TGaxis(1,1,9,1,"f2");
24 A2->SetTitle("exponential axis");
25 A2->SetLabelSize(0.03);
26 A2->SetTitleSize(0.03);
27 A2->SetTitleOffset(1.2);
28 A2->Draw();
30 TF1 *f3 = new TF1("f3","log10(x)",1,1000);
31 TGaxis *A3 = new TGaxis(2,-2,2,0,"f3",505,"G");
32 A3->SetTitle("logarithmic axis");
33 A3->SetLabelSize(0.03);
34 A3->SetTitleSize(0.03);
35 A3->SetTitleOffset(1.2);
36 A3->Draw();
R__EXTERN TStyle * gStyle
Definition: TStyle.h:412
1-Dim function class
Definition: TF1.h:213
The axis painter class.
Definition: TGaxis.h:23
void SetTitleOffset(Float_t titleoffset=1)
Definition: TGaxis.h:124
void SetTitleSize(Float_t titlesize)
Definition: TGaxis.h:125
virtual void SetTitle(const char *title="")
Change the title of the axis.
Definition: TGaxis.cxx:2707
void SetLabelSize(Float_t labelsize)
Definition: TGaxis.h:107
virtual void Draw(Option_t *option="")
Draw this histogram with options.
Definition: TH1.cxx:3073
2-D histogram with a float per channel (see TH1 documentation)}
Definition: TH2.h:251
virtual void Draw(Option_t *option="")
Default Draw method for all objects.
Definition: TObject.cxx:197
void SetOptStat(Int_t stat=1)
The type of information printed in the histogram statistics box can be selected via the parameter mod...
Definition: TStyle.cxx:1589
TF1 * f1
Definition: legend1.C:11