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Tutorials specific to Mac/Cocoa

Various examples showing graphics done with the Mac graphics system Cocoa. These examples run only on Mac/Os.


file  flower.C
 A demo to show transparency with TMultiGraph (and a really interesting curve/equation).
file  grad.C
 This macro shows how to create and use linear gradients to fill a histogram or a pad.
file  grad2.C
 Gradient fill with transparency and "SAME" option.
file  gradients.C
 This macro requires OS X and ROOT compiled with –enable-cocoa to run.
file  parallelcoordtrans.C
 Script illustrating the use of transparency with ||-Coord.
file  radialgradients.C
 This tutorial demonstrates how to use radial gradients, custom colors, transparency.
file  transp.C
 This demo shows how to use transparency.
file  transp_text.C
 This macro is based on labels1.C by Rene Brun.
file  transparentpad.C
 This macro demonstrates semi-transparent pads.