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1/// \file
2/// \ingroup tutorial_graphics
3/// \notebook
4/// Pie chart example.
6/// \macro_image
7/// \macro_code
9/// \authors Olivier Couet, Guido Volpi
11void piechart()
13 Float_t vals[] = {.2,1.1,.6,.9,2.3};
14 Int_t colors[] = {2,3,4,5,6};
15 Int_t nvals = sizeof(vals)/sizeof(vals[0]);
17 TCanvas *cpie = new TCanvas("cpie","TPie test",700,700);
18 cpie->Divide(2,2);
20 TPie *pie1 = new TPie("pie1",
21 "Pie with offset and no colors",nvals,vals);
22 TPie *pie2 = new TPie("pie2",
23 "Pie with radial labels",nvals,vals,colors);
24 TPie *pie3 = new TPie("pie3",
25 "Pie with tangential labels",nvals,vals,colors);
26 TPie *pie4 = new TPie("pie4",
27 "Pie with verbose labels",nvals,vals,colors);
29 cpie->cd(1);
30 pie1->SetAngularOffset(30.);
31 pie1->SetEntryRadiusOffset( 4, 0.1);
32 pie1->SetRadius(.35);
33 pie1->Draw("3d");
35 cpie->cd(2);
36 pie2->SetEntryRadiusOffset(2,.05);
37 pie2->SetEntryLineColor(2,2);
38 pie2->SetEntryLineWidth(2,5);
39 pie2->SetEntryLineStyle(2,2);
40 pie2->SetEntryFillStyle(1,3030);
41 pie2->SetCircle(.5,.45,.3);
42 pie2->Draw("rsc");
44 cpie->cd(3);
45 pie3->SetY(.32);
46 pie3->GetSlice(0)->SetValue(.8);
47 pie3->GetSlice(1)->SetFillStyle(3031);
48 pie3->SetLabelsOffset(-.1);
49 pie3->Draw("3d t nol");
50 TLegend *pieleg = pie3->MakeLegend();
51 pieleg->SetY1(.56); pieleg->SetY2(.86);
53 cpie->cd(4);
54 pie4->SetRadius(.2);
55 pie4->SetLabelsOffset(.01);
56 pie4->SetLabelFormat("#splitline{%val (%perc)}{%txt}");
57 pie4->Draw("nol <");
int Int_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:45
float Float_t
Definition RtypesCore.h:57
Color * colors
Definition X3DBuffer.c:21
virtual void SetFillStyle(Style_t fstyle)
Set the fill area style.
Definition TAttFill.h:39
The Canvas class.
Definition TCanvas.h:23
TVirtualPad * cd(Int_t subpadnumber=0) override
Set current canvas & pad.
Definition TCanvas.cxx:708
This class displays a legend box (TPaveText) containing several legend entries.
Definition TLegend.h:23
void Divide(Int_t nx=1, Int_t ny=1, Float_t xmargin=0.01, Float_t ymargin=0.01, Int_t color=0) override
Automatic pad generation by division.
Definition TPad.cxx:1177
virtual void SetY2(Double_t y2)
Set the Y2 value.
Definition TPave.cxx:690
virtual void SetY1(Double_t y1)
Set the Y1 value.
Definition TPave.cxx:677
void SetValue(Double_t)
Set the value for this slice.
Draw a Pie Chart,.
Definition TPie.h:23
TPieSlice * GetSlice(Int_t i)
Return the reference to the slice of index 'id'.
Definition TPie.cxx:714
void SetAngularOffset(Double_t)
Set the global angular offset for slices in degree [0,360].
Definition TPie.cxx:1193
void SetEntryFillStyle(Int_t, Int_t)
Set the fill style for the "i" slice.
Definition TPie.cxx:1262
void SetY(Double_t)
Set Y value.
Definition TPie.cxx:1399
void SetLabelsOffset(Float_t)
Set the distance between the label end the external line of the TPie.
Definition TPie.cxx:1353
virtual void Draw(Option_t *option="l")
Draw the pie chart.
Definition TPie.cxx:276
void SetEntryRadiusOffset(Int_t, Double_t)
Set the distance, in the direction of the radius of the slice.
Definition TPie.cxx:1270
void SetLabelFormat(const char *)
This method is used to customize the label format.
Definition TPie.cxx:1316
void SetEntryLineStyle(Int_t, Int_t)
Set the style for the slice's outline. "i" is the slice number.
Definition TPie.cxx:1238
void SetEntryLineWidth(Int_t, Int_t)
Set the width of the slice's outline. "i" is the slice number.
Definition TPie.cxx:1246
void SetCircle(Double_t x=.5, Double_t y=.5, Double_t rad=.4)
Set the coordinates of the circle that describe the pie:
Definition TPie.cxx:1210
void SetRadius(Double_t)
Set the pie chart's radius' value.
Definition TPie.cxx:1369
TLegend * MakeLegend(Double_t x1=.65, Double_t y1=.65, Double_t x2=.95, Double_t y2=.95, const char *leg_header="")
This method create a legend that explains the contents of the slice for this pie-chart.
Definition TPie.cxx:770
void SetEntryLineColor(Int_t, Int_t)
Set the color for the slice's outline. "i" is the slice number.
Definition TPie.cxx:1230