Basic Graphics

  • The Color Wheel

    The Color Wheel

  • Various Kind of Arrows

    Various Kind of Arrows

  • Ellipses Drawing

    Ellipses Drawing

  • Boxes Drawing

    Boxes Drawing

  • ROOT Framework

    ROOT Framework

  • Dictionnary Architecture

    Dictionnary Architecture

  • Tree Data Structure

    Tree Data Structure

  • The Markers

    The Markers

  • The Filled Area Style

    The Filled Area Style

  • Mathematic Fomulae Drawing

    Mathematic Fomulae Drawing

  • Born Equation

    Born Equation

  • The Greek Letters

    The Greek Letters

  • Mathematical Symbols

    Mathematical Symbols

  • Axis Drawing

    Axis Drawing

  • Alphanumeric Axis

    Alphanumeric Axis

  • Time Axis

    Time Axis

  • HEP Main Tools

    HEP Main Tools

  • Feynman Diagrams

    Feynman Diagrams

  • Some Simple Basic 3D Shapes

    Some Simple Basic 3D Shapes

  • Pie Chart Drawing

    Pie Chart Drawing

  • Basic Primitives Combined

    Basic Primitives Combined

  • Elementary Particles

    Elementary Particles

  • Graphs


  • Graphs with Errors

    Graphs with Errors

  • Polar Graphs

    Polar Graphs

  • 1D Histogram Plotting

    1D Histogram Plotting

  • Lego Plots

    Lego Plots

  • Contour Plots

    Contour Plots

  • Surface Plots

    Surface Plots

  • Box Plots

    Box Plots

  • Color Plots

    Color Plots

  • Text Plots

    Text Plots

  • Scatter Plots

    Scatter Plots

  • Various Projections

    Various Projections

  • Iso Surfaces

    Iso Surfaces

  • 3D Functions

    3D Functions

  • 3D Function (Shell)

    3D Function (Shell)

  • 3D Function (Helicoidal)

    3D Function (Helicoidal)

  • 3D Funtion (Limpet Torus)

    3D Funtion (Limpet Torus)

  • 3D Function (Real Klein)

    3D Function (Real Klein)

  • 3D Funtion (an other Shell)

    3D Funtion (an other Shell)

  • Delaunay Triangles

    Delaunay Triangles

  • Parallel Coordinates

    Parallel Coordinates

  • Candle plot

    Candle plot

  • 3D box plot

    3D box plot

  • Simple 1D function

    Simple 1D function

  • Simple error bars

    Simple error bars

  • Errors represented as boxes

    Errors represented as boxes

  • Bent error bars

    Bent error bars

  • Histrograms errors

    Histrograms errors