Compile your own C++ standard!


The C++ standards committee has published the LaTeX sources of the standard documents (as they are now, not the ones used for the standardization of C++2011) at I.e. if you don't like the way a compiler looks at your code, you can now edit the document, run it through LaTeX, and claim that your compiler doesn't do what's in your copy of the standard! ;-)

More seriously, it's a fantastic source of the work-in-progress standard documents as it contains fixes that came in after the standardization procedure. And it gives you free access to the standard. You can probably even generate a web page from it! It's a very nice (and intentional) signal towards openness of the C++ standard.


Dear Axel, given how much

Dear Axel, given how much many of your readers experienced at the hands of especially older CINT's and rootcint's this is not funny ;) Btw, happy to see the work related to cling in the trunk.

CINT and C++

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for your comment! Yes - we are all very motivated to get cling in production :-) We have a dev sprint right now; I expect that more cling goodness will make it into the trunk during the next two weeks!

Cheers, Axel.