Defining C++14


A new C++ meeting is coming up in a few days. Many, many proposals are on the table; they can be found here and here. Out of those proposals only very few will be discussed at the meeting; likely only those that are about to make it into C++14.

Given that I am rather new in this business I have a hard time predicting what those will be. But I can guess :-) Here are my guesses of what will very likely be relevant, worth reading, and especially worth commenting on:

Did you notice something? Almost all of them are in the evolution part of C++ - I have a hard time predicting what for instance the Concurrency Study Group will do for C++14. I think this will be one of the main tasks in Bristol: clarify what the Study Groups expect to get into C++14.

The above short list is not meant to be exhaustive; there will be many, many more discussions at Bristol. If there is something that you think should definitely be discussed, and for which you have an opinion, then please let me know.

We will have a CERN Computing Seminar dedicated to Bristol on April 4 (in two days!) at 11am, where I will explain how the C++ standard meetings work, present some papers that might be interesting, and collect input for my positions at Bristol. Let's discuss what our expectation of C++14 is - see you there!