Developers' Corner

In this menu you find a number of resources useful for developers who want to contribute to the ROOT system.

We are always happy to accept contributions in the form of code. To make the integration of the donated code as smooth as possible, please follow the following two simple rules:

  1. Send a diff file made using svn diff against the Subversion trunk.
  2. Make sure you follow the ROOT coding conventions in you code
Often it is useful to contact us first to discuss the code you want to develop or the bug you want to fix. This to avoid going off on a wrong track and doing a lot of work for nothing.

By donating the code, you agree to transfer your copyright on the code to the "ROOT project". Of course you will be duly credited and your name will appear on the contributors page and in the CREDITS file shipped with every binary and source distribution. The copyright transfer is necessary for us to be able to effectively defend the project in case of litigation.