Patch release 5.30/06

The patch release of ROOT 5.30/06 is now available.

The SVN tag for this version is v5-30-06.

For what is fixed in this patch release see the patch release notes.

See the release notes for what is new in the version 5.30/06 production release.

The AFS version of 5.30/06 for many different platforms and compilers can be found at:


One of the visible features in this development release is a new default style for the canvas graphics. The new style is called Modern and is a synthesis of different custom styles used by several large experiments. This new style is a work in progress, please leave feedback on the forum with your comments on this style. We made Modern the default style to get maximum user exposure, however we are aware that existing scripts might not look as expected as they were designed for the old default style. If you like to continue using the old style, just add the line

Canvas.Style: classic
to your ~/.rootrc file, or add
to your scripts. Here an example (click on images to enlarge):

Classic Modern