Production release 5.34/00

The production release of ROOT 5.34/00 is now available.

In case you are upgrading from version 5.30, please read the releases notes of versions 5.32 in addition to these notes.

The SVN tag for this version is v5-34-00.

See the release notes and development notes for what is new in the version 5.34/00 release.

The AFS version of 5.34/00 for many different platforms and compilers can be found at:


One interesting new feature of this release is the ROOT I/O package rewritten in Javascript. This allows the browsing and displaying of histograms in any ROOT file hosted on a web server, without any server side plugins. This is still work in progress (more histogram plotting options, etc.), but an exciting demo can already be seen here. Look at the source of this demo page to see how to use ROOT-IO.js.Note: that there is an reported issue in Safari 5.1.7 that prevents it from working when more than one window or tab is open, there are no problems with Firefox, Chrome and Explorer..