What Are We Working On

We spend a large amount of time supporting our large and enthusiastic user community by answering questions on the forum, mailing list and issue tracking system. Prompt user support has been the cornerstone of the success of the ROOT project.

Besides user support the ROOT team is working on a diverse set of new features. The development is done in close consultation with the user community in order to provide the most requested features first. At the same time we are engaging in some longer term developments that have a goal to ready ROOT for new platforms and technologies. The items and priorities listed below will be regularly updated to reflect the development status.

For a detailed, fine-grain, list of our development tasks browse our task tracker.

Philippe Canal

  • Parallel tree merging
  • I/O optimizations
  • Schema Evolution Enhancements

Bertrand Bellenot

  • GUI modernization (drop old win95 look & feel)
  • Prototyping OpenGL implementation of TVirtualX

Olivier Couet

Axel Naumann

  • ROOT 6 with its clang+LLVM based interpreter backend and clang-based reflection. See the cling web pages for technical details.

Gerardo Ganis

  • PROOF architecture
    • Adding support for master redundancy (load-balance one or more masters on the same large cluster or across clusters); timescale: February 2011 .
    • Multi-Level-Master (multi tier architecture):
      • Adding dynamic setup and interface with the dataset manager (June 2011)
      • Adhoc 'super-packetizer' (packetizing across sub-clusters) (Sep 2011) 
      This could be also used to optimize the connection layout and output transfer running PROOF-Lite on nodes with more than one worker.
  • PROOF kernel
    • Draw functionality via TTreePlayer, instead of adhoc implementation (Feb 2011)
      • Requires possibility to process streamed TSelectors
    • Interface with parallel merger (when it comes)

Lorenzo Moneta

  • Improvements and new developments of Math libraries 
  • Improvements of data analysis classes (e.g. histograms)
  • Developments of advanced statistical tools (RooStats) 

Vasil Vasilev

  • Cling, clang, LLVM and the backward compatibility with the CINT C++ language extensions

Associated Projects

In addition to the developments by the ROOT team, there are a number of associated projects with their own developments: