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How to generate a dictionary

A dictionary is a source file that once compiled, linked into a library or executable and loaded into a process will give to CINT all the information its need about a type or variable. A dictionary is essential for a C++ to entity to useable from a CINT script or to be Streamed in or out of a ROOT file.

You have 3 options to create a dictionary.

Use ACLiC to generate the dictionary for everything defined in a source or header file:

root [] .L myScript.cxx+

or (from compiled code):

gROOT->ProcessLine(".L myScript.cxx+")
To generate the dictionary for a single class or for a class template instance use (with ROOT v5.27/06 and above):
To generate the dictionary from a Makefile, you can use the following rule to generate a dictionary for the headers $(HEADERS) and a library containing the dictionary and the compiled $(SOURCES):
MyDict.cxx: $(HEADERS) Linkdef.h
[TAB]     rootcint -f $@ -c $(CXXFLAGS) -p $^ MyDict.cxx $(SOURCES)
[TAB]     g++ -shared -o$@ `root-config --ldflags` $(CXXFLAGS) -I$(ROOTSYS)/include $^

See Interacting with Shared Libraries: rootcint for more details.

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