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How to create a ROOTbook?

ROOT 6.07 Onwards

The minimal version of Jupyter required in this case is 4.0.

Note that the sudo command might not be necessary on some platforms. Provided that ROOT is installed on your machine, these are the steps to follow to use a ROOT-flavoured C++ notebook:

# Install dependencies
sudo pip install jupyter metakernel zmq
# Launch ROOT notebook
root --notebook

This will open the notebook interface in your browser, where you will be able to select a ROOT C++ kernel. Note that this procedure assumes that executable python is the executable of Python2.

ROOT 6.05/02

An initial version of the ROOT Kernel is available already for version 6.05. It can be setup and ran with the following commands:

# Install IPython notebook 3.2
sudo pip install -Iv ipython[notebook]==3.2.0
# Launch ROOT notebook
root --notebook