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How to Generate HTML Documentation

All ROOT tutorials as well as the class descriptions have been generated automatically by ROOT itself via the services of the THtml class. Please read this class description and Coding Conventions. The following macro illustrates how to generate the html code for one class using the Make function. This example also shows how to convert to html a macro, including the generation of a "gif" file produced by the macro.

   // Create a THtml object. 

   THtml html

   // How to generate HTML files for a single class
   // (in this example class name is TBRIK),



   // and how to generate html code for all classes, including an index.

   // execute a macro

   .x something.C

   // Invoke the TSystem class to execute a shell script.
   // Here we call the "xpick" program to capture the graphics window
   // into a gif file.

   gSystem->Exec("xpick html/gif/shapes.gif")

   // Convert this macro into html

   html.Convert("htmlex.C","Automatic HTML document generation")

For more details, in particular, the definition of some environment variables, see the documentation of the class THtml.