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Report a bug with JIRA

The ROOT Bug Tracker is currently based on JIRA.

Reporting an Issue

1. Getting Started

Go to and log into JIRA with your (lightweight) CERN account. If you do not have an account, please go to register for a lightweight CERN account before using JIRA.

All of our community infrastructure, including the bug tracker, is subject to our community guidelines. Please review the community guidelines and the bug tracker guidelines before contributing to make sure that you understand the expectations and consequences of violating our guidelines.

2. Search First

Always search JIRA first, to see if your issue has already been reported. (JIRA provides a powerful issue search facility). You can search for issues across projects, versions, and components, using a range of search criteria. For more details, refer to the JIRA Document: Searching for Issues.

3. Create an Issue

Click Create Issue at the top right of the screen to choose Project and Issue Type.

  • Project. A JIRA project is a collection of issues, and, in most cases, it represents a software development project. Select ROOT, if not selected.
  • Issue Type. Issue type is used to track different types of issues. For example, an issue could represent a software bug or a project task.

4. Add as Many Details as Possible

Fill in detailed information of your issue. Fields with a red asterisk (*) are required fields and cannot be left as blank.

  • Summary. A brief summary of the issue.
  • Priority. Severity of issue, from Blocker to Low.
  • Component/s. High levels break down of project, based on functional modules.
  • Affects Version/s. The version(s) of the software that the issue is detected or applies for.
  • Assignee. Person to who the issue is assigned.
  • Reporter. Person reporting the issue (you).
  • Environment. The environment in which the issue is reproduced, including HW environment and SW environment, such as CPU type, OS, compiler, etc.
  • Description. The detailed description of the issue. For bugs, the description section must include a detailed steps to reproduce, as well as the bug's impact to users.
  • Attachment. Attachment which would help people understand or resolve the issue.

Fill in the fields displayed in your issue reporting page with proper information, and click Create button at the bottom of the Create Issue screen. Congratulations, you are done reporting your bug!