To use ROOT directly from AFS you only have to set the ROOTSYS environment variable to point to one of the following directories:

/afs/      for slc3 gcc3.2.3
/afs/  for slc3 gcc3.2.3/debug
/afs/      for slc3 gcc3.4.4
/afs/     for slc3 amd64 gcc3.4.4
/afs/      for slc4 gcc3.4.5
/afs/     for slc4 amd64 gcc3.4.5
/afs/        for win32 msvc7.1
Previous versions or debug versions are also available. See full list under /afs/

After this, set the other environment variables as described in $ROOTSYS/AA_README.

Rene Brun, Fons Rademakers
Last update 11/07/2006 by RB