CINT Commands

Below a list of all "raw" CINT commands. To execute any of these commands they need to be preceded by a . (dot). The commands are case sensitive, i.e. .L is not the same a .l. To get this list while being in ROOT type a ? at the command line prompt.

Dump:        n [file]             : create new readline dumpfile and start dump
             y [file]             : append readline dump to [file]
             z                    : stop readline dump
             < [file]             : execute readline dumpfile
             > [file]             : output redirect to [file]
             2> [file]            : error redirect to [file]
Help:        ?                    : help
             help                 : help
             /[keyword]           : help information for keyword
Completion:  [nam][Tab]           : complete symbol name start with [nam]
             [nam][Tab][Tab]      : list up all symbol name start with [nam]]
Shell:       ![shell]             : execute shell command
Source:      v <[line]>           : view source code <around [line]>
             V [stack]            : view source code in function call stack
             t                    : show function call stack
             f [file]             : view source file [file]
             trace <classname>    : turn on trace mode for class
             deltrace <classname> : turn off trace mode for class
             break [classname]    : break at the memberfunc
             delbreak [classname] : turn off memberfunc break
Evaluation:  p [expr]             : evaluate expression (no declaration/loop/condition)
             {[statements]}       : evaluate statement (any kind)
             x [file]             : load [file] and evaluate {statements} in the file
             X [file]             : load [file] and execute function [file](minus extension)
             E <[file]>           : open editor and evaluate {statements} in the file
Load/Unload: L [file]             : load [file]
             U [file]             : unload [file]
             reset                : reset interpreter environment
Monitor:     g <[var]>            : list global variable
             l <[var]>            : list local variable
             class <[name]>       : show class definition (one level)
             Class <[name]>       : show class definition (all level)
             typedef <name>       : show typedefs
             function             : show interpreted functions
             macro                : show macro functions
             template             : show templates
             include              : show include paths
             file                 : show loaded files
             garbage              : show garbage collection buffer
             Garbage              : Do garbage collection
             cover [file]         : save trace coverage
             return [val]         : return undefined symbol value
Run:         S                    : step over function/loop
             s                    : step into function/loop
             i                    : ignore and step over
             c <[line]>           : continue <to [line]>
             e                    : step out from function
             b [line]             : set break point
             db [line]            : delete break point
             a [assert]           : break only if assertion is true
Quit:        q                    : quit cint execution
             qqq                  : quit anyway

Rene Brun, Fons Rademakers
Last update 2/6/96 by FR