The ROOT Dictionary

When a ROOT based application is running, the following information is stored in its memory resident dictionary:

This dictionary is much more extensive than the RTTI facility as proposed in the (draft) C++ standard document. In the ROOT system the dictionary information is used to support, among others, the following features:

The picture below gives a schematic overview of the pervasive usage of the dictionary in ROOT based systems:

The dictionary is generated by the CINT Dictionary Generator using the C++ header files (see picture).

ROOT does not require files generated from the Object Description Language ODL as is the case for some Object Oriented Data Bases.

ROOT does not require files generated from the Interface Definition Language IDL as is the case for some inter-process communications tools like CORBA.

Note that the ROOT classes and the ROOT dictionary functions have been generated in view of multi-threaded applications. In the Windows/NT and Windows95 environment, ROOT already runs with several threads of execution.

Last update 2/6/96 by FR