These HOWTO's describe in details specific operations or procedures that are part of almost every ROOT session or application. They are classified under the known chapters of the User's Guide with which they are related to. Let us know the subjects on which you would like to see other HOWTO's. Do not hesitate to contact us to:

Getting Started




How to Convert HBOOK/PAW Files to ROOT Files?



How to Create and Fill a Tree?


How to Use ROOT under Windows NT?



How to Read a Tree?


How to Convert from PAW?



How to Use Chains (List of Files)?





How to Use the Histogram Classes?


Linear Algebra  in ROOT


How to Merge Histogram Files?


How to Create and Fill a Matrix?




How to Invert a Matrix?

Fitting Histograms


How to Perform a Linear Fit?


How to Fit Histograms or Data Points?





How to Find Peaks in Histograms?


Python and Ruby Interfaces

How to Use ROOT Statistic Classes?  


How to Use the Python PyROOT Interpreter?





How to Use the Ruby Interpreter?

CINT the C++ Interpreter




How to Debug and Understand a Class Structure?


Tutorials and Tests


How to Call CERNLIB Routines from the Interpreter?

  How to Compile and Link with the ROOT Libraries?




Graphics and Graphical User Interface


VMC (Virtual Monte Carlo)

How to Draw Objects?


How to Use ROOT with Geant3/4?


How to Pick Objects?


How to Use Virtual Monte Carlo?


How to Use the Graphics Editor?


Writing a Graphical User Interface


How to Create an Axis with Time Units?


How to Use the ROOT GUI Classes?


How to Create or Modify a Style?


How to Use the Signal/Slot Communication Mechanism?


How to Use the PostScript Interface?


How to Use the ROOT GUI Builder?







How to Use the ROOT Thread Classes?


How to Write Objects to a File?



How to Read Objects from a File?


Automatic HTML Documentation


How to Access ROOT Files Remotely via the rootd Server?


How to Generate HTML Documentation?


How to Access ROOT Files Remotely via RFIO?



How to Read a ROOT File via the Web?


How to use the FOAM package?





How to use Mathematica from ROOT?

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