ROOT 2000 Program

A time slot of 30' has been reserved for each talk, but we want to have time for discussion, so the talk itself should not last more than 15' or at most 20', leaving 10-15' for discussion at least. The chairpersons will be extremely rigid on this (rebooting the PC will be considered in case of overtime :-). Presentations should be aimed at generating discussion on ROOT, so they should highlight strong points of the system, but also weak ones and the problems encountered.

The workshop will be held at CERN in and around the council chamber (building 503, 1st floor, i.e. the one above the ground floor). See the location page for more information.

All presentations are available in native format, either MS PowerPoint (ppt), StarOffice (sdd) or KPresenter (kpr), and in html.

Thursday 3 February

Chair: F. Carminati. Secretary: S. Panacek

08h30: Start of registration procedure & coffee
09h20: Welcome (pdf): Hans Hoffmann, CERN Director of Scientific Computing
09h25: Introduction (sdd) (html): Federico Carminati
09h30: Project Status (sdd) (html): Rene Brun
10h30: Some Recent Developments (sdd) (html) and the Alice Data Challenge (sdd) (html): Fons Rademakers
11h30: CINT Status Report & Plans (ppt) (html): Masaharu Goto
12h00: ROOT Support and Developments at FNAL (ppt) (html): Philippe Canal

12h30: LUNCH

Chair: I. Gaines. Secretary: P. Canal

14h00: STAR Framework (ppt) (html): Torre Wenaus
14h30: HADES HYDRA Framework (ppt) (html): Manuel Sanchez
15h00: VEGA, VIRGO Framework (ppt) (html): Damir Buskulic
15h30: New H1 Framework (ppt) (html): Ursula Berthon
16h00: ALICE AliRoot Framework (sdd) (html): Federico Carminati

16h30: Coffee Break

17h00: PHAT Phobos Framework (sdd) (html): Gunther Roland
17h30: STAR Changes to ROOT I/O (ppt) (html): Victor Perevoztchikov
18h00: JAVA/ROOT Interface (ppt) (html): Suzanne Panacek

18h30: end of session

Friday 4 February

Chair: H. Essel. Secretary: F. Carminati

08h30: PHOBOS DAQ (ppt) (html): Peter Steinberg
09h00: D0 Online (ppt) (html): Joel Snow
09h30: ROOT in CDF (pdf): Hans Wenzel
10h00: CDF DAQ (pdf): Harmut Stadie

10h30: Coffee Break

11h00: DAQ at TSL (ppt) (html) (collision animation) and R_Quant (ppt) (html): Anton Fokin
11h30: HERA-B Analysis Tool CLUE (sdd) (html): Christoph Borgmeier
12h00: ROOT in LHCb Outer Tracker Test Beam (ppt) (html): Rutger van der Eijk

12h30: LUNCH

Chair: T. Wenaus. Secretary: S. Panacek

14h00: GSI GO4 (ppt) (html): Marc Hemberger, Joern Adamczewski
14h30: Proposal for Multi Dimensional Data Analysis (ps): Victor Ivanov
14h50: BLAST Framework (ps): Tim Smith
15h20: FINUDA Framework (sdd) (html): Piergiorgio Cerello
15h40: BaBar Pico Analysis Framework (ppt) (html): Marcel Kunze
16h10: KANGA, ROOT DBs from the BaBar Framework (sdd) (html): Stephan Kluth

16h30: Coffee Break

17h00: STAR Simulation (ppt) (html): Pavel Nevski
17h30: Event Generator Interfaces (kpr) (html): Piotr Golonka
17h50: MakeClass (ppt) (html): Richard Dubois
18h20: G3/G4 in ALICE (sdd) (html): Ivana Hrivnacova

18h30: end of session

19h00: Workshop dinner: glasbox area COOP cafeteria

Saturday 5 February

Chair: P. McBride. Secretary: P. Panal

09h00: CINT Priorities (ppt) (html): Masaharu Goto
09h15: ISDC GUIs (ppt) (html): Reiner Rohlfs
09h45: STAR Framework and Visualisation (ppt) (html): Valery Fine
10h15: HADES GUI (pdf): Dmitry Vasiliev

10h45: Coffee Break

11h15: List of Requests (doc) (html) and Wrap-up Discussion (doc) (html)

13h00: End of workshop

Fons Rademakers
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